Why we love Joe Meek?

joe_meek_born_place_plaque_newent_englandFirst of all, what is not to love about Joe meek? Nothing at all! That is precisely why we simply love him. The piece he wrote, Telstar,” which was sung by the Tornados, is downright phenomenal. All the more, not only was he a songwriter. He was also an independent pop record producer who has made astonishing achievements in the field of music. It was he who was the first producer who integrated the recording process itself into his music, where he further developed sweet sounding special effects and essential techniques, such as looping, reverb, echo, and overdubbing to create records never done by anyone during his time. Joe meek was, simply put, a genius in his own right. No doubt why he topped the list of the 50 greatest record producers of all time and had a lot of merchandise or gift products listed on those really cool stuff to buy online shopping websites like https://noveltystreet.com. (photo by: Rozmiar pierwotny)

Aside from this, what we also love about him is his music that transcends boundaries of the past, present, and future. It’s interesting to note that despite the songs he wrote and produced, being out decades and decades ago, they still give an “eargasmic” experience, with lyrics and a beat that are simple, yet enticing and evocative.

His musical ears and musical writing skills were hands down exceptional. So basically, he was a cream of the crop, a one of a kind. But more importantly, what we love about him is his passion that comes across when we listen to his music. Almost everyone can write, but only a few can do what he does. It is impossible to make a good music without a good songwriter and producer, and Joe Meek, being a music innovator, have instilled in us an immense appreciation for the music he creates. And at the same time, he also as though encourages us to be independent when it comes to music. He proved that sky is the limit when coming to terms with it.

There are no boundaries. Certainly, that makes him extra-special, and that’s why we love him.