Other Joe Meek Sites

Robert George “Joe” Meek was an English record producer and songwriter who pioneered the experimental pop music and assisted the development of reverb.

1. A life in the death of Joe Meek


This site is dedicated to the documentary about Joe Meek. It features the rise, the fall and the resurrection of Robert George Meek, aka Joe Meek. Together with artists like Petula Clark, Shirley Basse, Meek became one of the most sought after sound engineers in London.

Visitors to the site can get a detailed overview of Meek’s life, from his birth until his truly tragic end. It showcases the challenges which he faced to bring his mastery to the masses, often shunning major recording studios and focusing, instead, on what the younger audiences wanted.

2. Joe Meek Page


This site is practically a free book about Joe Meek’s life. For his German-speaking fans, everything has been carefully translated into German. The book is split into 13 chapters, each focusing on a particular era and angle of Meek. The information is extremely details and well referenced.

To compliment his life story, the website also provides recordings of Joe Meek talking in interviews and, of course, recordings of his music. With the site designed especially for a German audience, there is a special section for all music produced by Meek under a German label. There are also songs which have been translated into German.

3. The Joe Meek Society


This is the website of the Joe Meek Society, an organization founded with the sole intention of keeping Meek’s memory and music alive. The website is clearly dedicated to this, and offers useful information which Meek’s fans and those new to his music can use and learn from.

As an organization’s website, you can also apply to join it and keep up to date with the latest gatherings. There is a very useful question and answer page where you can get answers to questions asked by fans spanning the world.